EZDSK crypto tradingIt is no wonder why majority of online traders are investing too much in crypto currencies. This is due to the fact that since its introduction in the financial world in the year 2013, the prices of crypto currencies, in particular Bitcoin, which is the first every crypto currency, have gone up considerably. The initial investors of Bitcoin purchased the currency for good and their investment paid off beyond their expectations when in the year the price of each Bitcoin took a big leap. What they have bought under US$ 10 only, could be bought for approximately US$ 13,000 in November 2013.

This attracted many investors to invest in the crypto currencies. Thereafter many crypto currencies came into being and soon their uses were expanded too. In initial stage, crypto currencies were used only for sell, purchase and exchange but today it can be used for acquiring services, purchasing products and conducting trades in every type of assets. It will not be wrong to suggest that while crypto currency has successfully paved its way into the financial sector but astonishingly it has developed itself into one of the most lucrative assets available in the financial industry which can now be used for multiple purposes.

source: https://www.ezdsk.com/ | EZDSK
source: https://www.ezdsk.com/ | EZDSK

Formation of EZDSK

This growing popularity of crypto currency and its increasing use then helped brokerage firms to take the lead in providing trading platforms for the convenience of crypto traders/investors. With the purpose of providing services to the online crypto traders, a group of highly experienced crypto professionals then got together and established a platform called EZDSK which was developed for one single purpose i.e. to help the crypto investors to conduct their trading exclusively through the use of crypto currency.

Crypto can be used for multi-purpose

Armed with this mission of providing exclusive services to crypto currency owners, EZDSK launched its platform for allowing the traders to enjoy the ultimate Forex trading experience which can also be accessed from anywhere, in any part of the world. For example an owner of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Rippel, Bitcoin Cash and any other crypto currency, can easily become a member of EZDSK and start his trading career. The beauty of EZDSK’s trading platform is that it can be accessed from any internet based device such as personal computers, Laptops, Mac, Smartphone and/or tablet. The platform is easily functional on either Linux or Windows based computers/devices as well.

An exclusive trading platform for crypto owners

It has an advanced trading platform which is designed while keeping in view the needs of the traders and modern technology so that not a single opportunity is missed. Another very important thing to note about EZDSK is that while other brokerage firms charge considerably high rate of commission but in the case of EZDSK, the charges are kept at minimal which, when compared with others, are almost nothing and simultaneously the chances of earning extra profits are automatically increased.

Multiple trading accounts

EZDSK has provided the traders with multiple accounts choice so that they can choose from the one which best suits their requirements and interests. For the time being there are 6 different accounts namely Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black, which require an initial deposit ranging from Euros 1000 to Euros 250,000. This means that any person who wants to become a trader with the platform of EZDSK can own a trading account with a minimum deposit of Euros 1000.

It may noteworthy that there are various benefits and advantages kept by EZDSK in each account which includes 24/6 customer support, access to education center, daily market reviews, pro webinars, price alerts, account managers, PIA Trading and SMS signals, personalized trading strategy, 1-on-1 trading trainer and exclusive position access.

Easy Sign Up

The process of signing up is not hectic at all but to the contrary all that is required to be provided by a trader is proof of ID (i.e. ID Card, passport, driver’s license which must contain the name, address and picture of the trader) and proof of address (i.e. utility bill). Once the verification is done at the end of EZDSK, then the traders is ready to use his trading account for the purposes of conducting his desired trades.

Deposit and withdrawal policy

The next important aspect relating to trading account is the ease of convenience in terms of deposit and withdrawal of funds in the trading account. The general perception amongst the online traders is that when they become member of an online brokerage, the most annoying problem they face is with regard to deposit and withdrawal of funds. For example many brokerages do not accept payments through debit cards, some even don’t accept payments via credit card or bank transfer and majority of them don’t entertain crypto currencies as means of payment.

However, in the case of EZDSK, the situation is totally different from other brokerage firms. It allows traders to deposit money through debit card or credit card or bank transfer in various currencies such as USD, Euros, GBP etc. as well as it allows the traders to inject their trading accounts with the crypto currency too. Similarly, it has been seen that the withdrawal requests of the traders with other brokerages are kept pending for long and are not taken care of immediately.

However, once again if a trader makes a withdrawal request, it hardly takes a day for the request to be take care of. However, if the trader of EZDSK chooses to obtain the money through bank transfer, then of course the bank transfer takes up to 3 to 4 days normally and so is the time required for EZDSK to refund the money.

End Thoughts

It is therefore glaringly obvious that the crypto owners would not need to worry now. They can use their crypto currencies for investment purposes and can also trade Forex with the trading platform of EZDSK, which is providing its industry leading services to its customers all over the world and has enabled many to fulfill their trading ambitions. So if you want to be a part of EZDSK, you can contact Customer Support of EZDSK, which remains available 24/6, and get clarification about any further queries you may have regarding EZDSK.